Praying for the family

Dear and merciful Lord, I pray today knowing that you always hear me and are attentive to my pleas. That is why, precious Lord, I stand before you today with an open heart so that your holy presence will fill my life and that of my family.

 On this occasion, loving Father, I come to place each member of my family in your holy hands. I ask you to take care of them, to protect them and to bless them, guard them against all evil and guide them along the path of righteousness; cover them with your infinite love and keep them safe from all evil, from any trickery that the enemy may wish to play to hurt them or make them fall into temptation.

Free them from accidents, my God, ward them from all danger; always cover them with your Precious Blood and be their protecting shield everywhere, because I know that the enemy stalks, yet your power and glory are above all threats.

Dear God, Jesus Christ, I beg you to take hold of my family and help us each day to be united. Help us to live in harmony, that peace may reign in our home. Strip our lives from problems, and if we quarrel among ourselves or there are any pending grudges that need healing, may You restore and unite the family to be able to live together and be happy, far from any rift or fight.

I beg you, holy Lord, chain all the bad feelings in this family; envy, hate, resentment and any other feeling that does not flow from You, and throw them far away, my Lord, so that only love, bliss, and happiness may reign in this home.

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I pray, loving Lord, that you may help us to utter tender words to each other and help us to understand how to be sensitive towards the other persons’ feelings. Help us to be able to think before speaking and if ever we happen to offend, be it You that provides us with the courage to recognize our mistakes and with a repentant heart, ask for forgiveness. Whatever the problem is, may we be able to sit and solve them, as a family, my Lord.

Loving Jesus, on this day, I also want to pray that you may help us to forget the memories that stir anger and grief. Help us to overcome ill feelings and know that forgiveness is a gift that only comes from You, dear Lord. I also pray, dear Father, that you may help us to communicate properly, enhance trust between us and that we may truly love each other, not because we should, nor superficially, but with true love in our hearts.

May each member of this family feel esteemed, valued and loved above all. May each one of us feel important and special, and though the rest of the world does not value us and has pushed us aside, pray this will never happen in our family. God may the infinite love that You provide be present every time we reach home, so that we may feel at peace, joyful and feel the warmth that only a true family can provide.

Bless my family, Almighty and Eternal God. I know you always hear my prayers, that is why I pray that you not only bless us as a unity, but also ask you to take hold of the dreams and wishes of each dear member, and help them to be happy, so that this happiness may shine forth in our family, Lord.

I know you always listen to me, dear Father. I am certain that you hear my prayers, and I thank you for that, yet I beg you that the spirit of prayer, reading and meditating on your Word, be reborn among us, dear God, and added to this, may love spring from our hearts in a show of physical and verbal affection.

I thank you, all-powerful God, the glory and honor be to You always, for you always help us, console us and renew our hopes. Thank you for your blessings and for those to come. My family and I love you, glorify you and crown you King of our lives. All this we pray and thank in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, or Lord. Amen.