Prayer for Happiness

Loving and blessed Lord, I come before you today with all that I am and all that I have, and plea for forgiveness and mercy because I need You. I have decided to leave behind everything that is of no good in my life, and the chains that tie me to a loveless and unhappy life, a life of anguish and grief. From now on, I want to enjoy the present and walk alongside you on paths of blessing and happiness.

On this day, loving Lord, I to offer my life to you, so that Your open ways ahead of me, paths of joy and blessings, and that your light may shine on my countenance, and cover me with happiness.

On this day, merciful Lord, I want to leave all evil behind, as well as the situations that have hurt me, the wounds from the past, my tears, and those memories that I wish to erase. All of this is part of my past, and I want to hand it to You, merciful Lord.

Once again, amazing God, I want to ask you to help me face adversity day in and day out. Help me, Jesus, and bless me. Pore your infinite kindness over me and protect me from all evil. Stretch your victorious hand, cleanse and purify me, help me to be happy, O good and sweet Lord.

Please free my path from all obstacles that prevent me from reaching my goals. Free me from mean spirited people and anyone who can wipe a smile off my face. I believe in you, my loving and good Jesus, and I ask for your forgiveness for every time that I have failed or disappointed you.

I know I have made mistakes, and I pray you to help me not to make them again. Give me a new opportunity to be happy because You are my only hope. You walk ahead of me in wisdom and understanding. I place all my hopes and dreams on you, dear Lord. Today I offer you my life so that you may do whatever your will is. 

Dear Father, my life is at a standstill, please free me from it. Please remove all fear, exhaustion, and strengthen me, Holy Spirit. Do away with my heavy burdens and replace them with happiness and new beginnings, to reach the joy that I only can at your side.

Lord, I want to hand my destiny to you. I leave everything in Your holy hands because I know You are always at my side. I pray you always come to my help, Lord. May you break the barriers and clear my way so that there is no ill-health, nor lack of a job or lack of happiness in each area of my life. May each difficulty pass me by, and that as I have so often hoped, that I may be happy and prosperous, Lord.

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Only you know what my real needs are and what I lack so badly. You know much my heart craves to be happy, that is why, loving Lord, I place everything in your hands, and may your will be done.

Dear Jesus, I want to be with you, trusting that you are at my side. I want to thank you for everything you have given me, and also what you have distanced from my life, because only You know the needs that will help me to be fully and completely happy.

I seek refuge in you, Lord, help me to be at peace. Teach me each day, Lord, to keep going and make use of your Word of eternal life so that my feelings, thoughts, and actions be to your liking.

Allow my life, kind Lord, to be a testimony of your love and compassion. Bless me, Lord, and may the light of your presence, make me and those around me, immensely happy, in Jesus’ perfect name, Amen.