Prayer to bless a home

Gracious Lord, once again, I turn to you with the intention that you will listen to my pleas. Only You know what is going on in my life, my family, and home. The reason I open my lips now is to ask you, with all my heart, that you may enter my home and bless it with your powerful hands. May you dwell in it, occupy each corner, and your presence felt in every space of this home.

Loving God, full of mercy and compassion, today I open the doors of my home, the place that you offered me to live in with my family and dear ones and ask you to wash each wall with holy and purified water. May You wander freely along each corridor, room, and remove every evil spirit, anguish, and sorrow.  Where there is darkness, may Your light shine over us forever.

Enter every corner and space in my sweet home, my Lord,  so that each of them is filled with your blessings, because You alone, my merciful God, have the power to anoint each wall, door, and window, and fill them with your glorious presence, so that no harm can come to us, and so that everyone who lives here is protected by your immense love.

In the same way that you mention in your Word, I want to say, my beloved Lord: “ Now be pleased to bless the  house of your servant, that it may continue forever in your sight; for you, O Sovereign Lord, have spoken and with your blessing the house of your servant will be blessed forever.” (Samuel 7:29)

Please protect this household, envelop her with your infinite mercy; free her from all danger and the enemies’ ill intentions, free her from robberies, domestic accidents, and natural disasters. With your protections, we fear no harm.

I pray, my unparalleled God, that you may look after my home and everyone who lives in it.  May love, understanding, health and prosperity, reign in my family. May we be certain that every time we walk out of this home, You are looking and protecting it from the threats of this world. Allow us to return each day knowing that everything is in your saintly and precious hands, my Lord.

I pray, loving Father, that with your blessing on this home, you may witness our countless show of love. Free this home, and everyone in it, of strive, bickering, and all sorts of misunderstandings. Allow us to be happy people and that peace and unity may reign amongst us.

Seal the doorway of this home with your Precious Blood, likewise every wall, door, floor, and window, so that the enemy may have no place in this home. And that each time we face adversity, we may push forward and continue our lives in peace. That all those people who enter this place be anointed by You, holy Lord.

Eterna Lord, I pray in faith and hope, that you may clad me, and everyone I entrust under your protection in love. I hand over my home to you, Father so that you take it into your hands and help us move forward, opening the doors to plenty and prosperity. You, my blessed Lord, are good, and your compassion spreads over my home.

Right now, I know you are at work because you receive the prayers in faith, and the trust I place in your hands because I know that you are with me. Yes, you are with me at home, and there is nothing anyone can do to upset my peace and tranquility.

Please stay to live under this roof, blessed Lord. Stay to live with me and all my people, because I know there is no other better place to be but at your feet and in your presence, that allows everything to work, for everything you provide is for the best. Stay in this home, Lord of Lords, fill her with your blessing.

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Thank you, loving Father, because you listen to your servants’ clamor. I trust your protecting cloak will cover my home and every one of us who lives there, because your love is great and your mercy lives on forever, y the unique name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.