Prayer for children’s protection

Almighty God, You know me and know everything I have in my heart, my deepest desires and wishes. Please help me and cover my children with your protecting cloak so that they may be safe from all harm, from the danger that always lurks in this world and every evil act that might harm them.

I am deeply grateful, my Lord, for the children you have given me. They are valuable, full of love, talented, and incredible. They treat me daily with numerous joys and memories that I will keep forever. That is why I am so happy to be their mother, their father; and there is nothing more heart-warming than the love of our children, Lord.

Even when there is a time when things get difficult among us, Lord, I pray today, to ask you to provide them your holy protection, my blessed Lord. Protect them from danger, false friends, evildoers, and murderers. Do not allow my children to be hurt or their joy lost due to the actions of others. Do not allow it, God.

Help them to make the right decisions in their lives, that they may always know how to choose what is right. Help them to learn how to guide their lives through your words and principles, and that they will not question your faith or love for them. Lord, I beg you to help me to be just and wise, and able to guide my children with my example and love.

Do not allow, God Almighty, that my words may wound the heart of my children, help me to be patient with them, to value them as people above their mischief, disobedience o even their mistakes because only You are perfect, my God.

Guide and teach me to be a just and loving Father as You are, my God. That I may not feel ashamed to express my love to my children everywhere, because this will be a lesson for the rest of their lives. And even when they are grown up and adults, give me the joy of telling them how much I love them, and even though they are older, they will still be my most important treasure.

Help my children God, so that they can tell the difference between good and bad, so that they may free themselves from the friendship that only cares to see them fall.

Help them to know how to make the correct decisions and not see themselves involved in problems and fall into danger, loving Lord. You know how worried I am about my children, Dear God. Please protect them from danger and teach them to walk safely.

They often do not realize that there is evil in the world, Lord. Sometimes they think that the advice I give them is because I want them tied to my side, or that I don’t care for their happiness. On the contrary, You know well, Divine Lord, how much I want my children to be happy, but they often do not understand. Give them understanding and wisdom, loving Father, so that they can understand that I only seek their wellbeing and happiness.

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I pray earnestly, Father, so that you may provide them with wisdom to be able to tell right for wrong so that they will be sufficiently strong to say no to the things that are not of Your liking, my God.

There is nothing I wish for more, blessed Lord than for my children to give you their hearts. Meanwhile, I will continue to instruct and teach them each day about You and your great love, because there is no greater joy than the one living by your side, Lord. I want my children to be as happy as I have been from the moment, I accepted you in my heart.

Loving God, I humbly pray for all this, if it is your will to give, that you will fill me with the joy to see my children under your protection and care. You are the center of my life, merciful God, and I hope from my heart that my children can reach the happiness that I have by your side. In the name of Jesus Christ, our only Savior, Amen.