Prayer for financial breakthrough

Beloved God, our Father, and Lord, I raise my eyes to heaven and seek sincerely and wholehearted to be near You with all that I am and have, to plead with all my might, for your help to overcome the economic difficulties I am going through.

Lord, You are the only one that knows everything about me Father, there is nothing we can hide from you, and I know, you know my financial problems, as you do all my needs. That is why, in times such as these, I cry out to You in your infinite mercy, so that you may help me solve all the economic difficulties that trouble my life.

I find myself in different situations where debts, mortgages, and financing are to be faced, which is why I want you presently to take hold of my life and help me, Lord. Be merciful and help me step by step to pay these debts off, which are a great concern and do not allow me to make ends meet and move on in my life.

I am overwhelmed with worry, my God. In your Word, you tell us not to fear, because You hold us in your hands, but in my humanity, I often despair not knowing what to do with these debts, with the economic problems that do not allow me to move on.

Lord, there are situations that one does not control, and I know well that you know which they are, that is why I ask you to be merciful, my loving Father and help me find the means to finish off each one of the money problems that upset my life.

Lord Jesus, provide me with the insight to be able to make the right decisions, and provide me with the intelligence to see my own mistakes and not fall back on them. Provide me with the strength needed to move ahead regardless of adversity, will power to work hard so that my efforts I can tackle and solve my financial problems.

Enlighten me, Lord, and give me patience not to despair and wisdom to be able to handle my money adequately, so that this though the economic situation in my life may come to an end I and can make a new start.

Do not allow me to ill spend the money I receive, Lord, help me to prioritize what is urgent, the needs at home and the payments necessary to live a peaceful life. I know that You listen, I know you know my flaws as well as what is best for me, that is why I ask you to uphold me in these difficult times and help me to do what is right.

I ask of you, my Lord, that your Divine Providence will reveal itself in my life and that of my family. That we may not lack food on the table and a roof over our heads, so that it is You, in your holy mercy be the one to restore all the economic problems that affect our home, my family, work and everything around me. Be it You, who solves everything in the best way possible, according to your will, God of love, and that I may be able to pay my debts successfully.

5th Digit of CODE is: 2

Help me too, blessed Lord, not to lose hope in you. Give me the strength to keep going, even though everything feels against me, and that I may honor the deadlines given to pay and so able to cancel these debts, my Lord.

I know you listen to my prayer, for You better than anybody knows the needs my children have. Please do not stop listening to my words and help me out of this financial situation. I thank you already because I know that You are at work because I know that if I trust You, your plans will prevail in my life.

I love, adore and bless You, Lord, and exalt your name because you are my god. Glory is to you, until the end of time, in the perfect name of Your son Jesus Christ. Amen.