Healing prayer

Blessed and beloved Lord, today I approach You in prayer to place my needs, the illness that affects my life, the pain which does not allow me to continue,  and even the grief and wounds that do not allow me to push forward in my life, in your hands. Today I am going to pray for my life, and I am going to ask you, God of my life, that you may in your infinite mercy, heal, cleanse me and allow me to be born again in your love.

Dear Father, I stand before You, with a willing and ready heart to receive your blessing. Today, precious Lord, I seek You in prayer because I wish to place my life in your hands. Only You know my present situation, and what is going on in my life, which is why in faith and expectations, I wish to draw close and ask You in the first place to heal my heart.

I ask that every sorrow, bitterness, hate, and despair depart from my life for good, so that my ailing heart, dear Father, be restored, strengthen and covered with your unparalleled love. Heal my heart, dear Lord, because I know only You can do so.

Mend all my wounds, all-powerful Lord. Mend my broken and rejected heart. Lord, that my heart, which has been humiliated, be restored by your infinite love, eternal and loving Father.

Today, may your victorious hands heal, the wound which deepened over time. If I ever were to feel worthless, or that I have failed, or that nobody values me, may I remember through the light of your paraclete Holy Spirit, that You have made all things perfect, Lord. And You who have made everything in your image and likeness is why today I want to worship and bless you, and ask you for a contrite heart, may you heal me, Lord.

At present, Holy Father, I wish to surrender each one of my physical problems, Lord, as well as the sickness and the ailments in my body that I cannot control, my God, for I am convinced that nothing is impossible for You, my all-mighty Lord. Because You, Jesus, are alive and are working in my life, and no one else matches your power.

I believe in You, my Lord, and with all my faith I place my trust in your hands, and without fear I face the ailment I am undergoing, because I know that this problem is the means which will manifest the glory of God, because what presently is an illness, later or tomorrow will be the testimony of God’s hand in my life.

I wish to raise this prayer, Lord, due to the acute pains that bother me, because I believe in You, and I know that if I continue to do so, I will see your glory made manifest in my life. I know that You have the last word, my God, because You are a doctor above all other doctors, my precious Lord. That is why, I hand You the physical pains that ail me, my head, limbs, my whole body, Lord, my internal organs or anything else that may have been detected, I place all of them in your miraculous hands, All-mighty Lord because I know you can heal all wrongdoings.

At present, I want to praise you, my Lord, because I know you are working in my life and because I know that you are healing my body and soul.  I believe in You and your power, my blessed Father. I bless and exalt You, Lord, as the warm fire of the Holy Spirit covers me, healing what needs to be healed, and comforting my heart. I believe in your miracles, and I am convinced that it is You who will heal me, Lord. Therefore, I do not give up asking and believing in You, Most Holy God.

Dear Jesus, Lord of Lords, only You know what illness ails me; be it cancer, ulcers, kidney stones, rheumatic or muscular problems. Be what it may, my trust is well-founded in You, the King of my life, knowing that at this very minute your glorious hand sweeps in victory over my body because all things are possible, for those you believe in You and your infinite power. Because it is You, my beloved Father, who raised the dead, made the paralytic walk, the blind to see and the deaf to hear.

May it be You, my unparalleled Lord, who allows me to leave behind any kind of prostration that may tie me to illness, because You, Lord, have helped me become a testimony of your great love and power. Be it You, who allows me to worship and bless you, in times of trial, because You, my God, are at work this very minute.

Loving Father I firmly believe in You and know that I will see your glory in midst of my sickness, because You, King of Kings, I firmly believe, will heal me, through your Son Jesus Christ. Loving Father, I firmly believe in You and know that I will see your glory in my sickness, because I firmly believe that You, King of Kings, I will heal me, through your Son Jesus Christ.

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