Prayer of gratitude to God

Precious and beloved Lord, today I want to come close to You, not to ask for my needs, which you already know about, but to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being You, my good and merciful God. To thank you for being so kind, for providing me with the gift of life, for every days’ blessings, and because you always give me new reasons to smile.

I want to be in your presence today with a grateful heart, full of joy and overflowing with pleasant thoughts of You, my only and true Lord. Today my soul blesses you, my God, there is no one more faithful than You, loving Father.

Thank you for one and every blessing that you have given my life and everyone around me. Thank you because, even though there are problems, You help me to move forward, you change my complaints into joy and provide me with new hopes.

Thank you, O holy Lord, for every and each of my loved ones, for my family, my friends, for each person around me and thank you Lord too, for those who wish to see me fall, because it is through them that I realize that You never abandon me, that you are always at my side protecting me from envy and delivering me from evil.

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Thank you, blessed Lord, for all the wonders you have done in my life. Thank you for all the good things that have come to my way, if were it not for your greatness and power, none of these things would have taken place. Thank you for each blessing you have given me. You have done away with my sadness and despair and healed my soul and heart from all past turmoil.

Thank you too, my God, for everything that you have ripped away from my life, for taking away all those things which were not edifying, which did not help me to continue growing. Thank you for those people who are no longer in my life and who hurt me, because even though at first it was very painful, I later found out that you had better plans in store for me. My beloved Redeemer, I wish to thank you too for protecting all the people I love and walk by their side, guiding them along the path of wellbeing, health, love, and many blessings.

Thank you, Lord, because I can find you amid a storm. You are my loving God full of love, mercy, and infinite kindness. Keep me safe from harm, my Lord, protect me from evildoers, and free me from all temptations. I thank you, Lord, because I know you are listening to my prayers, and because you never abandon me.

Thank you, loving Jesus, for each one of the blessings you have bestowed in my life. I thank you for every day because, in every second that goes by, You show me how great your love for your children is.

Thank you Lord, because your love is greater than everything, because every time I fall into temptation, You help me to get up, because when I’m sad, You give me courage to move on and because when everything seems lost, You appear with a hope renovator that improves everything.

This is my prayer for You, Lord, a prayer of gratitude for each of the blessings received in every moment of my life.

Don’t let me let go of your hand, my God. Do not let me move away from You, and if I did it, beloved Lord, I ask you to bring me back to your arms like that prodigal son repentant of all guilt by staring at You and only at You, my only and wonderful Lord.

I stay with You, knowing that You are listening to me, that each of these words of thanks come to your heart as the greatest sign of my love. In the name of blessed Jesus, our Savior, Amen.