Prayer to get a good job

Blessed One, once again, I pray with everything that I am and everything that I have, my holy Father. I know you listen to me as the loving son that I am. There is anguish in my soul today, a need that does not allow me to move forward. That is why, I open my heart to you and ask you in faith, that you may guide me and help me find a good job.

Only You, God of my life, you know everything and know of the anxiety in my heart. I have many needs to address, worries to overcome, and is that why I ask you on this day, to help me find the job I need.

Please, my Lord, listen to my plea and allow me to find the job I seek, and the income I need to live, to support my family, couple, friends, and myself. Lord, guide me so that the opportunity I wish for will soon appear.

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I pray, Almighty Lord, that your saintly and perfect will move your powerful hand so that the job I so need may appear. Help me to identify this opportunity and not to lose it, because I trust you. I know that everything that you provide is both good and right.

Help me to search, Lord, and do not allow me to let opportunities go by. Help me not to turn jobs down, because I know that every job is worthy if carried out rightly and honorably. Do not allow, under any circumstance, for me to feel shame because I have an unimportant job if it is You who have chosen it for my upkeep, Lord. I am convinced that everything You provide, is for the best both for me and all my people.

Dear Lord, please give me a job. I find it very difficult each day to provide food, housing, and education for my children, pay the debts, and lead a dignified life that all your children deserve. Place your powerful hands, my God, and give me the job that I so wish for in my heart, so that it enables me to move ahead with my family.

Help me too, Lord, to keep the job You give me, so that I may move ahead and thrive together with my people. That I may pay the debts that torments me and be able to live in peace and serenity, knowing that due to the job You have given me, I will have the opportunity to have a stable and dignifies life.

Guide me, Lord, in my daily effort to find a job. Guide and enlighten me, provide me with wisdom and insight to find the job I need. Help me to do what is right, to learn whatever I need to carry out my tasks, be a good professional, and carry myself with optimism and enthusiasm.

Kind Father, take my plea into account, follow me to my interviews, and place the right words in my mouth to be successful. Guide me in every exam and provide me with the stamina that I need to overcome each test.

Now I want to express my gratitude, Lord. Thank you for your help in the tireless search for a job and thank you for the enormous blessings you give my family and me. Thank you, kind Father, because you drive my fears away, and because you offer me health and life. You allow me to feel that I am making headway. You provide a roof to rest under.

Thank you for your mercy, Lord, because you provide me with the enthusiasm and optimism to keep searching for the job I need. Thank you, because, through this prayer, I know that you renew my faith and hope that this job I am looking for so much, will come my way. 

Loving Lord, my heart is ready for you to do Your will in my life. Help me to place my trust in your hands and know that what I ask in prayer, You have already secured. Listen to my prayer and help me trust your plans and perfect timing. I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. 


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