Prayer of faith for hard times

Lord, it is so good to know that you are always beside each one of your children, worrying and taking care of our needs and every situation that is important to us. You know everything that is going on, Lord, that is why there is nothing we can hide from you.

You know how exactly how we feel and think. You know what is going on in my life. So, with an open my heart, and in hope and faith, I surrender my life and the difficult times that I am going through. Please blessed Lord, help me face the difficult situation that torments my life, because only with your help, will I be able to smile again, which is so important to me.

I never imagined that I would be going through these difficult times, dear Father, though I know your plans are perfect and that You will not test us beyond what we can bear. I know that I will be able to overcome my grief, Lord if I walk hand in hand with you.

Lord, you know my grief well, and only You know how and when I will come out of it. But during the storm, Father, please hold me close to your heart.  I pray your powerful arms will embrace me, and during the trial, may Your light shine upon the darkness my life is in.

Lord, I believe in you and your promises. I know I am faithful to you in very little, yet you will reward me for so much more, which is what your everlasting Word says. Lord, I trust You, and today I beg you to see my intentions and my needs. Supply me with the necessary wisdom to face them. I need your perspective to make the right choices and make the right decisions to solve all the problems that grieve and afflict me.

Lord, I know you are my Pastor, and by your side, I shall not want. Please, be my rock and refuge. Calm the storm, and if the wind blows against us, I will need you to provide me with strong roots to hold me up and continue standing until it blows over.

Please, God, bless my life and that of my family, friends, and every person I love. I pray you bless my daily activities and do not allow me to get discouraged. Lord, I pray that I may not lose my faith, nor my hope and that I may only utter words of encouragement as I go through these difficult times. May my job be the best way to face this hardship, and that everything I do be to your liking, loving Lord.

5th Digit of CODE is: 9

Do not allow for grief and depression to get the best of me, Lord. Do not allow for despair to settle in. Place your loving arms around me and free me from evil. Help me to sleep peacefully every night, and that no nightmare or shadow in the night may torment me. Allow me to fall asleep, knowing that You are in control of my life. I am certain, that every problem, situation, or difficulty that I have today, has been placed, in your merciful and compassionate hands, loving Lord. 

Good Lord, please offer me the water of eternal life. Send your Holy Spirit to my aid and comfort, and that under its wonderful endeavors, I may walk along the path of happiness and peace. May the coming days be better, and that soon, these difficult times will pass, according to your holy will, Lord.

I need you, loving Father, more than you can imagen. I need you to provide love, happiness, and above all peace in my life. Please do not leave my side, because if there is something that I have learned in all this time, is to hold fast to You, loving Lord, and then everything will be fine.

I place my life, the life of the people I love, and those that are going through the same problems and are troubled by them, in your hand, Lord. Watch over my home, my people, and my needs, and take us into your loving arms, my God. May we feel you close in our lives, and that by holding your hand, we may overcome these problems, in the same way, you did, Jesus Christ, when you overcame death for us. Please stay by our side, and free us from harm, today, tomorrow and forever, in the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.